Many websites are impersonating us recently and asking our clients to pay more money. After consideration by our team we decided to create a new site adding "®OFFICIAL" to our name so you know it's the official site to avoid you getting scammed or being deceived anymore

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Downtown Issues Resolved

Hello all

Dear customer: Thanks for using my website Because many websites are impersonating us recently. Many of our guests have been deceived. After consideration by our team. I will reduce the use of FakeYourDrank. We will restart a new website. The new website will be easier to use and will have more favorable prices. Please use the new website to submit orders: thank you so much!!!

We will be posting frequent updates as well from our telegram channel  to so make sure to follow for the latest updates.

WU Disabled

We will not be offering Western Union payment method for the time being. Please choose an alternate form of payment. Either Bitcoin or Zelle 

Potential Shipping Delays

Please be patient as we work through the congestion of the worldwide shipping market. As you are all aware this impacts every industry even ones like this one. We are currently at 3-6 weeks turnaround


Security Features: Scannable Barcodes, Microprint, UV & OVI Holo


Security Features: Scannable Barcodes, Microprint, UV & OVI Holo


Security Features: Scannable Barcodes, Microprint, UV & OVI Holo


Security Features: Scannable Barcodes, Microprint, UV & OVI Holo

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